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a period sex event

We’re unveiling a taboo-smashing innovation that will help you *period better* in a whole new way! Join us for 3 days of hot events and bold experiences made for people with periods (and the people who love ‘em).

June 21-23
158 Mercer Street


*oh yeahhh*

why period sex?

There should be no shame in the period sex game (c’mon, menstruators, you know you’re feelin’ your sexy flow!). To close the pleasure gap we must celebrate natural bodies and their natural desires.

what's the pleasure gap?

Women are 4x more likely to consider sex less pleasurable than men. Why? Because sex often begins and ends with one person’s pleasure. All partners deserve to have their needs met, and *nobody* should feel ashamed, embarrassed, or dirty for who they are and what they like (including period sex).

where can I learn more?

Check out our blog for facts on period sex and advice on how to spark the conversation (and do it!) with your partner(s).

let's talk period sex



mother nature-approved

With the right protection, period sex is totally safe and natural (like all the other fun fluids that *come* with sex).

the wetter, the better

More lubricant = less friction = lots of ohhh yeahhhhs. Need we say more?


Science shows that orgasms release hormones that can help relieve pain from cramps — another health benefit of the big O!

feelin' horny

For people with periods, sex drive increases around ovulation, which means things can get bolder in bedroom (rawr).

launch party


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158 Mercer St.

7pm - 9pm

Are you down to go with our flow? Celebrate the launch of our *new* taboo-bustin’ innovation with a party made for people with periods — and the people who love ‘em. We’ll have THINX styles for you to touch/feel/shop IRL.

We’ll also have oysters for you to nibble on (aphrodisiac!), Pilot Kombucha, and specialty cocktails for you to sip throughout the evening.

Oh, btw, the first 100 guests will receive a super-special gift bag filled with items from like-minded babe brands including Unbound Babes, Lady Suite, Knours., Chica Chocolate, Fifth Veda, and more.

period pleasure convo


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158 Mercer St.

7pm - 9pm

A few of our fave ladies gather ‘round to answer your Qs about all the good, awkward, and ohhh yeahhh moments that can come during sex on your menstrual cycle.

Arielle Egozi

Writer, producer working to de-stigmatize sex and femme desire

Amy Boyajian

Founder, Wild Flower, an innovative sexual wellness and adult store

Gigi Engle

Feminist writer, sex educator, and speaker

Dr. Angela Jones

Board-certified OBGYN and outspoken proponent of women’s health

Moderated by Cady Dress, Senior Digital Editor at Marie Claire.

In addition to this super-educational (and hilarious!) convo, we’ll have THINX styles for you to touch/feel/shop IRL (including our *brand new* period-proof innovation!).

Pilot Kombucha and specialty cocktails will be provided.

control & release: a dance experiment


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158 Mercer St.

7pm - 9pm

This experimental dance performance by Laura Jervidalo Ravn and Siri Lindskrog of Grounded View challenges stereotypes about female sexuality (hell yeah!), and broadens the conversation on equal sexual exchange (yes please!).

The pair focus on fluid, intertwined movements to tell stories that empower women.

Before the show, grab a specialty cocktail (we’ll have plenty to serve) and touch/feel/shop THINX IRL, including our *brand new* period-proof innovation!

Pilot Kombucha will also be provided.

*smash the taboo*


*made in nyc*

absorbs fluids while you play

4-layer tech

The same innovative technology we put in every pair of our period-proof undies is in this blanket. Goodbye leak-anxiety, hello sexy time.

quilted satin

Soft, sleek, and perfect for cuddling. The V-inspired pattern with red stitching is a low- key way to show your #periodpride.

safe for whatever comes

There are lots of fluids flyin’ around during sex, and our blanket is made to absorb them all: periods, semen, lube, soy sauce...